IJM International Opening Number Dress - MISS


Please check and make sure you have clicked on the correct division before placing your order as the neckline is different for the Junior Division vs the Senior Division. Failure to do so can result in a delay in shipping/receiving your dress.  I understand dresses will not ship from Lasting Impressions before June 15, 2020. I also understand my credit card/debit card will be billed for the total amount upon completing this order.  Your amount will include the cost of the dress plus shipping/handling fees.

While we make every effort to provide you with your requested size, sometimes it is simply impossible. Please list an alternate size in case we are unable to provide you with the size you requested. Alterations are the expense of the contestant/parent.

We ship USPS/UPS/Fed Express therefore we do require a physical street address.  Please do not list a post office box as your shipping address. If your dress can not be delivered according to UPS/Fed Express and we must ship to you a second time, you are responsible for the shipping fees for the second delivery.

If you drop from the National Pageant and your payment has been received for your opening number dress, we will not refund your purchase, but we will ship your dress no later than July 31, 2020.

All ordered must be placed by midnight eastern on March 10, 2020. If you have a coupon code and you do not enter it at time of purchase, please understand we can not make adjustments to your final price. You MUST enter the coupon code at the time of your order.

Once your order is placed, please know we will not be able to change the ship to address. Please list an address which you will be able to receive your opening number dress at the date of shipping.  

IMPORTANT: You CANNOT combine 2 contestant orders as each contestant must have a computer generated invoice number which will be given to you upon completion of your online order.  Please know if you try to combine two orders, it will delay the shipment and you will be required to pay for the second order before we are able to ship.

These guidelines are strictly enforced. This offer is only for contestants who are registered for the 2020 INTERNATIONAL JUNIOR MISS PAGEANT. All other orders will be declined. Sorry, we do not ship outside of the U.S. Restocking fee/exchange fee (when available) $29.00 plus shipping.  


It is likely that your specific measurements will not match exactly to any one size listed on the provided size chart, but do not worry!  Use the accurate measurements along with your best judgement and knowledge of your size to determine which size is best to order. Also, please keep in mind when ordering your dress that many girls will experience some growth between the time the dress is ordered and the time the dress arrives. If your measurements fall precisely on one size, it isn't a bad idea to consider the next size up to give consideration for any unexpected grown. Dresses can always be altered down, but it is much harder to make a dress bigger. To insure proper measurements we encourage you to have a professional seamstress take your measurements. From a professional point of view, we always suggest that you use your largest measurement when selecting from the size chart.  This style dress will be fitted only through the bodice, but not the hips.

  • $225.00